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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

SEASON 3 FINALS - A Christmas Snow

Okay, Boy Meets World, it's time to hand in your Final Exam...again. I don't know what I'm expecting from you anymore, but here we are. For today's Final, Jillian and Jerry are watching A Christmas Snow, starring Anthony Tyler Quinn...This movie is....on Prime...and about any free venue you can find that has ads. That usually means something and this did NOT disappoint. I mean it did. But in a completely different way. So come join us as we watch the tale of an evil woman who just hates literally everyone. Turner has reached another chapter in his life, Walmarts are ghosts, editors don't exist, and a killer newspaper is on the loose!!! Come enjoy the longest bible passage ever as we reluctantly grade this Final Exam for Season 3.

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WARNING: This episode contains adult language.

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