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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Chapter 72 - Season 3 Book Report

In this chapter, Jillian and Jerry do their book report on Season 3...[This time I am not copy and pasting from Season 1 & 2, so get ready for some BRAND NEW MATERIAL RIGHT HERE IN THE SHOW NOTES!!!!!] It's time to go over what the characters have learned  and how they grew in this season.   We figure out how to make sense of the timeline and prove that everyone who complains about continuity is just wrong wrong wroooonnnggg,  We pick our favorite and least favorite episodes, go completely rogue a few times and shed a tear for another fallen character.  Goodbye Season 3!!!!!  Next week: Midterms!! I mean Finals!!!  If you want to prepare, watch: A Christmas Snow on Amazon Prime or really any free app like Roku or Tubi... Good luck!

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WARNING: This episode contains adult language.

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