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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Chapter 70 (Part 2) - Feeny Busting Down Doors in Island Town...if that's your thing

Join Jillian and Jerry as we are immersed in the idiocy of people who think that if they have a microphone, that makes them smart. That's right! Back by popular demand, Radio War makes its triumphant return as we listen to other shows cover The Most Happiest Show on Earth. Come listen to "experts", who claim to know everything Walt Disney World, completely crash and burn and leave the newbies with complete BS! Dive in as we subject ourselves to a bunch of trash just bashing Cory's looks and explaining what they believe makes someone cool. All for YOUR entertainment. Don't say we don't ever do anything for you. So let's go! It's time to comment all over bad takes, whining, complaining, unthoughtful assessments and just all-around inaccuracies in the conclusion of our discussion of this classic Boy Meets World episode.

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WARNING: This episode contains adult language.

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