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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Chapter 73: The Aggressive Depressive Mr. M (Episode 401 - You Can Go Home Now)

In this chapter, we begin our fourth season on the road again...Eric can't wait to be on the road again..The life he loves is eating pea soup with his friends... anyway, sorry...Got weirdly carried away by music. This week Jerry and Jillian watch as the two Matthews brothers cover themselves in yogurt and make little spoons for ears. We delve into the psyche of an insane Alan, who lives to emotionallly abuse the poor neighbor boy, Shawn Hunter, while putting up photos of strange people all around the house. We learn about the string collecting of diner/gift store/motel employees and ponder the strange happenings coming from that farmhouse, there... It's an all-out horror fest as our hero, Cory is trapped in a small town, seemingly forever. Will they be rescued or will they end up on the receiving end of the Parade of Sprinkles every single day for the rest of eternity??? Find out on tonight's Story of Cory.

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WARNING: This episode contains adult language.

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