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Monday, June 13, 2022

Chapter 56: The Weatherman Saga Begins (Episode 305: Hometown Hero)

In this chapter, Jillian and Jerry follow the worst teacher in history as he steals time from the school in the form of education. While this evil “doctor” refuses to give students who play sports a chance to succeed, the ones who don’t are completely ignored and bullied. It goes so far that one of the students sets fire to his classroom in a blaze so big, even the Baldwin brothers could not put it out. This student….was Cory Matthews. And while the school deems him a hero, we ask ourselves this question…Can Steve have his lifelong dream realized? Will Chesty Anderson ever get her news story, or will we have to listen to Alan do his best Porky Pig impression for much longer? Find out….tonight! Also, Topanga was here. .

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WARNING: This episode contains adult language.

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